Did you know that addiction, depression, abuse, negative behavior and some illnesses
 could be rooted in your family tree?

Did you know the miracle of healing is still available to us if we let it in?

More and more people involved with the healing ministry see how difficulties in our lives and their negative, devastating effects may be linked and rooted in some way to our ancestral ties.   Behaviors such as violence, abuse, addictions, in addition to some chronic health conditions, could possibly be rooted in family history.   We often feel helpless when facing these uncontrollable problems that can and do wreak havoc in the present and are able to carry their destructive influences in the lives of generations to come.

 Healing The Family Tree transforms negative bonds of the past, setting us free now as well as our offspring in the future.  In effect, "We can break the ties that bind us," Fr Lou

This transformation takes place in a healing service conducted within a Mass. The more we get in touch with the power and life of Jesus within the context of the Eucharist, the more we will be able to receive His healing and release from any bondage in our lives. Each service is followed by a blessing of families with holy water.

If you think you are facing adversity in some way due to possible negative ancestral actions in your family tree, come and experience how you and your family can be healed and be set free.  Fr. Lou will convey in easy-to-understand terms, the power of the Eucharist and Christ's love that will bring peace, freedom and healing to yourself and dear ones.   Time is also provided for completing your genogram and specific prayers for your family.

"...bestowing mercy down to the thousandth generation, on the children to those who love me and keep my commandments." (Exodus Chapter 2:6)

For information on how you can bring Fr. Lou to your area for a special teaching on Healing The Family Tree, contact our Ministry office 
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