"God's love and God's power are present in the Holy Eucharist.
That love and power is available to all of us, and it can transform our lives .....
but does it really?

Do we really live our lives as if the Love and Power of the Eucharist are transforming us,
renewing us and healing us?" Fr. Lou

Retreats - Workshops - Days of Reflection - Speaking Engagements - Healing Services - Parish Missions

Experience the power of God's love and the healing power of the Eucharist through the Peace, Freedom and Healing Ministry founded by Fr. Lou Cerulli.  We facilitate and create a safe and trusting environment where people feel comfortable opening their hearts to the Lord and come to know Him in a more profound way.   Participants are then given an opportunity to encounter the living Christ present to them in their deepest need.

The resulting peace, freedom and healing experienced in this encounter empowers us to go in the peace of Christ glorifying the Lord by your life. We are empowered to be Church for each other, to radiate Christ into the world and to love and serve God and one another.

Is a deeper encounter with God...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through preaching, teaching, and healing with emphasis on the healing power of the Eucharist.    We know that Christ healed. Did you know He is still with us
today healing illnesses of every kind: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, as well as healing of relationships? 

In addition, it is clear that generational problems such as addiction, depression and rage can be passed down to us from prior generations wreaking havoc in our lives.  Healing The Family Tree  involves reaching into our family tree to bring healing and peace now and for future generations.

       Jesus now called the twelve together and gave them power and authority to overcome
       all demons and cure diseases.  He sent them forth to proclaim the reign of God and heal the 
       afflicted. Today, He continues to send
us forth to do the same. 

Is through Healing services, Celebration of the Eurcharist, workshops, conferences, retreats, parish missions, and days of reflection.  We can also present these deeply powerful and life-changing teachings in a way that addresses your specific needs and schedule. 

You are invited to attend any of our 
scheduled events.  If one is not currently listed, contact our office and arrange to bring us to your community.  We will work with you to put together a program that is suitable for your needs.  

Please e-mail for details.

In 1992, Father Lou started his journey to develop a series of teachings on "Healing In The Eucharist."  He now travels internationally, teaching and conducting services on this important dimension of our Catholic faith.

"God's love and God's power are present in the Holy Eucharist.  That love and power is available to all of us, and it can transform lives...but does it really?  Do we really live our lives as if the love and power of the Eucharist are transforming us, renewing us, and healing us?" challenges  Fr. Lou

If you would like to bring our ministry to your area, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

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